About my Art

The Evolving Artist-Self

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” 

I love this quote by John C. Maxwell. 

At the time of this writing, (October, 2018), the outdoor season of markets and art fairs as come to a close. I have a few holiday shows coming up - and then I begin a new phase in my career. I have learned a lot these past two years and it is time to put some of the lessons learned into positive action. There will be change! And change is good!

I will spend the next few months making some adjustments.  Although I will still make small-sized pieces, my artistic inclination is to make larger works. Next season, I will do a few art fairs and markets, but not nearly as many as in the past. I will likely open an online "shop" as well. My plan is to become much more active in gallery shows and facilitating workshops. 

I also plan to branch out and pursue a project that has been on and off my to-do list for years:  To write a book about the mind-body-spirit health benefits of creativity. It is my belief that all are called to lead creative lives. 

Enjoy my gallery. Please reach out with any questions. 



Reach Out

If you would like to purchase a work of art you see on this site, I may still have the original in stock, or at least a giclee print available. Please contact me and inquire. Original art is priced $38 and up. Unframed giclee prints are $10 and available in 6" x 6" only. I also have several "artist's multiples" available for $28 each. These are giclee prints mounted to a panel and ready to hang. 

If you would like to schedule a workshop, please send me a note and we can work out the details. 



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